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Founder of S.G.V.V Trust – His Holiness Shri Marishantaveera Mahaswamiji

Founder of S.G.V.V Trust

His Holiness Shri Marishantaveera Mahaswamiji, the 16th Peethadhipati, a great scholar with profound knowledge of Sanskrit, Philosophy, Logic & Ayurveda. He was an educationist and a social reformer. He started free boarding and hostel for the poor students with secular identities. He established Shri Gavisiddheshwar High School in 1951. He later stateded in 1963 Shri Gavisiddheshwar Arts, Science & Commerce College under Shri Gavisiddheshwar Vidya Vardhaka Trust to cater to varied educational needs of the area and donated all the landed property to it for sustenance and growth.

Today, it has been running a number of educational institutions ranging from LKG to PG, including Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital. It’s proud to say that S.G.V.V.Trust has extended its service to the needful and has been dedicating itself to providing excelling educational facilities. It is earnestly promoting quality of excellent education with which the students can with stand to the test of time & be of utmost benefit to the society.

Founder of School, Teacher Education and Ayurvedic College – His Holiness Shri Shivashantaveera Mahaswamiji

Founder of S.G.V.V Trust

His Holiness Shri Shivashantaveera Mahaswamiji, the Seventeenth Peethadipati, added the luster to the glitter and glopry of Shri Gavimath. He not only strenghtened the works of his Guruji but also extended quite appreciably the halo of Shri. Gavimath by means of solid and sacred achievements. He reviewed all the branches of Shri. Gavimath spread all over the state. He opened need-based educational institutions with all infrastructure to enable them to give qualitative education. Himself a scholar in Sanskrit and Ayurveda,

He successfully fulfilled his dream of establishing Ayurveda College and Hospital with the intention of providing free treatment and free supply of Ayurvedic medicines to the poor. He launched the most ambitious plan of Ayurvedic Medical College at an estimated cost of Rs. 8 Crores. He worked tremendously hard around the clock for the fulfillment of his plans.

Founder of School, Teacher Education and Ayurvedic College – His Holiness Shri Shivashantaveera Mahaswamiji

Present Sole Trustee
His Holiness Shri Gavisiddheshwar Mahaswamiji is a post graduate in English Philosophy and Sanskrit. He is a scholar orator, thinker, creative worker, educationist and reformer and above all an ardent follower of his Guruji. He is as epitome of “GURUBHAKTI AND KRIYASHAKTI” he believes that he is an humble servant chosen by his revered Guruji to uphold and uplift the greatness of Shri Gavimath for promoting the good of all.

Soon after his every visit to villages of Gavimath, he observed the pathetic conditions of the poor in providing education to their children has stirred the heart of Mahaswamiji who took upon himself the task of performing “SHIKSHAN YAGNA” as the right form of worship of his Guruji. As a result he founded need- based education institutions offering courses from nursery to PG (includes D.Ed, B.Ed, BCA, BBM, B.A, B.Sc, B.Com & M.A[Eng], M.Sc[Phy], M.Com) and also pioneered to start a residential school with CBSC syllabus.

The galaxy of Peethadhipati has raised spiritual status of Gavimath by dedicating to the global service to the mankind. Their unique contribution in the form of “TRIVIDHA DASOHA” (Food, Education & Spiritual Knowledge) has won the hearts of all the disciples.

He is presently actively involved in “Jala Dheeksha” by establishing “Hire Halla Punashchetana Trust” to protect and conserve water resources of Koppal and surrounding areas. Under his guidance, Sri Gavisiddeshwar Vidya Vardhaka Trust institutes getting new dynamics and paths for development in the field of quality education.

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