Sri Gavisiddeshwar Botanical Garden


Botanical Garden is a part of ex-situ conservation, which represents a place for growing different varieties of plants collected from different localities of the country. It is blessed with different ornamental, medicinal, economically valuable, and aquatic plants. Modern botanical gardens ensure a special place for weeds and plants mentioned in classical and religious literature. This heaven of plants is primarily outdoor collections of labelled living plants; the entire structure being systematically and beautifully landscaped, which will serve scientific function rather than recreation, aesthetic beauty and public amenity. Along with these values, these holy places offered by nature through man having architectural mind provide the acclimatization areas for exotic varieties, germplasm for hybridization, and training in horticulture landscaping and gardening. Our SGVV trust also provides the wonders of plants to the students and the lovers of nature.. The garden has now become the pride of the colleges and provides beauty to the institutions. Currently the SGVV trust is engaged in the establishment of a garden of medicinal plants beside the botanical garden with the active support and encouragement of the board of management.

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